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After relocating from Australia’s Northern Territory to USA’s Oregon, Nicky founded WalkAbout Hooves in 2013 as a barefoot hoof trimming service for horse owners. Nicky was also involved in providing Equine Assisted services mainly for families, youth and children.

Early in 2014, Nicky expanded WalkAbout Hooves LLC to include Equine Assisted Learning and Equine Guided Education and in 2015 added Horsemanship lessons.

Equine Assisted and Equine Guided Programs

WalkAbout Hooves Equine Assisted Learning and Equine Guided Education programs provide experiences with horses that focus on developing self-awareness with the goal of authentic relationship with self and others. How you lead your life journey depends on how you interact and relate with yourself and others.

Our team consists of Horses and a Human Facilitator / Coach who work with you to explore possibilities.

Who needs Our Horses?

Being with horses provides a unique opportunity for individuals, families, teams or any other groups to explore being present in the moment for yourself and others. Horses understand that relationship is central to interactions and survival.

Our Horses are curious about who you are as an individual or part of a group and respond instinctively. Our Horses are interested in who you are and how you interact.

Barefoot Hoofcare for Your Horse

My approach to hoof care has a whole horse focus. My goal is to promote healthy, functional hooves through quality barefoot hoof trimming for horses and hoof care education for horse owners.

Horse’s hooves often reflect their health. As a team, you and I can make a difference in your horse’s life.

Your Horse and You

I will work with you to help you become confident and safe with your horse through developing awareness, skills and connection. Whether you want to ride or not, lead you journey with your horse.

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Equine Assisted

SUMMER Vacation Programs HORSE POWERED LITERACY. Click the link and book your space today   SUMMER 2016 

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